Web application for automatically downloading TV & Movies (w/ VPN)

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Finding content to download

Downloading Movies

Manually searching for Movies

Sometimes you want more control about what torrent is chosen for download.

Only admin users will see this option.

Downloading TV

Watch Every Season

Watch an Entire Season

Watch Specific Episodes in a Season

Manually searching for TV

Sometimes you want more control about which torrent is chosen for download.

Only admin users will see this option.

Checking Download Status

Blacklist & Retry a torrent

Sometimes a movie or tv show you download may be too low quality, wrong match, wrong sub-titles, or just completely fake. You can tell nefarious to blacklist & delete that torrent and search again to find the next best option.

Importing existing libraries

If you have existing TV and Movie libraries, nefarious can import them for you. Go to the Settings page and you’ll see the Import Library section. The process will be in the background and can take a while depending on the size of your libraries.

If you want to see the logs you can run:

docker-compose logs -f celery


nefarious can send notifications (e.g. push notifications, email, sms) when media is downloaded.
See Apprise for documentation on how to construct the Notification Url for the available notification services.

Enter the Notification Url on the settings page. You can test it from there to make sure it works as expected.

Something like: slack://TokenA/TokenB/TokenC/

You’ll receive a notification everytime new media is downloaded.

Detect fake/spam movies

Sometimes a torrent movie will be a single frame across the entire video advertising spam or something similar. You can enable the feature to automatically try and detect when this happens and blacklist/retry a new version. The default setting is Disabled;

Handle “Stuck” Torrents

Occasionally a torrent will be found but never complete. You can enable a setting to automatically detect “stuck” torrents that never completed after X days and blacklist them. The default setting is Disabled;